Invisible Hearing Aids

For a person wearing hearing aids the first time, invisible hearing aids can be very attractive. They allow you to go through your everyday activities without attracting attention. First-time wearers might feel self-conscious about their hearing aids and desire the discretion provided by invisible devices. 

At ClearLife Hearing Care, we will listen to you to understand what you desire most in a hearing aid, whether that’s small size, cost, or a line-up of the most advanced features. Invisible hearing aids add a new dimension for all users to explore, even those that have been users for years.

Benefits Of Invisible Hearing Aids

The obvious advantage of invisible hearing aids is their size. They generally sit deep in the ear, and are custom molded to the shape of your ear canal. Invisible in the canal (IIC) hearing aids are the smallest devices available. 

Their size also contributes to the sound quality, opening a bridge to natural hearing balance since they’re worn inside the ear canal. Their placement closer to the eardrum can help reduce squealing feedback while providing adequate volume, and use the natural acoustics of the ear to help filter out annoying background noise.

The Downside Of Invisible Hearing Aids

With all of the advantages, there are some cons associated with invisible hearing aids. Because of their small size, they may not be able to accommodate some features that other larger hearing aids include. Features that may be lacking on some invisible hearing aids include push button volume control, wireless technology, telecoil, and directional microphones. They may also have shorter battery life and less power output than larger hearing aids.

The audiologists at ClearLife Hearing Care are able to optimally fit and program invisible hearing aids to achieve the very best fit and sound quality possible. Also, as technology continues to improve, many of the limitations listed above are beginning to disappear!

A Great Solution For Hearing Loss

Invisible hearing aids are one of the most important advances in hearing technology in recent years. By allowing complete discretion while also providing clear and natural sound quality, and with more features becoming available everyday, invisible hearing aids may be the right solution for you! If you’re interested in invisible hearing aids, speak with one of our audiologists today to find out if these would compatible with your hearing loss and lifestyle.