Patient Testimonials

"I’ve had two sets of hearing aids before these and now I can hear sounds that I never heard before, like my cat purring. It’s just so nice being able to hear again."

-Lila M. of Lewisville, Texas
"I am completely pleased with the service [ClearLife] has given me. They worked with me to find the hearing aids that were easy for me to use. Now I hear great! "

-Nancy K. of Highland Village, Texas
"I have had hearing loss most of my life. Hearing aids have not been satisfactory — until the ClearLife. She has “the way” of explaining and understanding that has made my using the hearing aids work for me."

-Polly B. of Frisco, Texas
"I have enjoyed having someone come to my home. [ClearLife] is so nice and helpful. "

-Helen D. Allen, Texas
"Dr. Williams is an excellent hearing aid specialist. She has taken care of my dad, who is 89, for 9 months. He has a profound hearing loss and she found the best hearing aids for his particular hearing problems. We wouldn’t go anywhere else."

-Cynthia G. of Plano, Texas
"I feel normal with groups of people because I’m wearing a hearing aid."

-Marion B. of Allen, Texas
"Certainly have helped with my hearing. I am on my third set of aids (including those provided by Medicare). These work outstandingly and the services provided by Dr. Ingram and Dr. Stewart have been a great assistance to me."

-Curtis B. of Lewisville, Texas
"Recently, I sat at the end of the table at a restaurant. To my surprise, I could hear my friends at the other end of the table easily. That shows how well I can hear now with my new hearing aids from ClearLife Hearing Care. "

-Doris H. of Lewisville, Texas
"I am very satisfied with the service [ClearLife] has provided me in my home. The product they fit me with has improved my hearing so much. I am very satisfied with ClearLife Hearing Care. These hearing aids fit so comfortably and sound great!"

-Frank R. of Frisco, Texas
"I have been very pleased with Dr. Ingram and my hearing aids. She has been very caring and worked with me to adjust out the background noise in the dining room at Corinthians where I live."

-Ruth S. of Carrollton, Texas
"I felt I had a very good experience when shopping for new hearing aids with Dr. Ingram. She was easy to understand and explained all my questions so I could understand what she said. This was my second set of hearing aids and found it to be a very good experience. Would recommend ClearLife Hearing Care to anyone."

-Rosemary S. of Lewisville, Texas
"I like knowing my service is being provided by a Dr. She is always very willing and prompt with appointments and provides them in my home. All my questions are completely answered at each visit."

-Mary Q. of Flower Mound, Texas
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