Hearing Aid Dispensing And Fitting

Success with hearing aids is more than just a hearing aid fitting. You will benefit from our exclusive follow-up program to make sure that your hearing aids work great the day that you get them, and for years to come.
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Finding The Right Hearing Aid

The first step that ClearLife Hearing Care takes when helping you select a hearing aid is to take confusion out of the equation. Our audiologists are all fully educated on the latest news and technology in the hearing industry, and have undergone extensive training to make sure the hearing aids that are selected for you are best for your individual needs.

We will work with you to find the absolute best hearing aid for your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. Whether you’re looking for something more discreet or something with a lot of power, our extensive line-up of devices has something for everyone. If needed, after selecting the best hearing aids your audiologist may make a mold of your ear so that the equipment is custom fitted.

Hearing Aid Fitting

At ClearLife Hearing Care, your hearing aid fitting appointment is an incredibly important step in the path to better hearing.

We will perform real ear testing using a process called live speechmapping to identify your specific prescription. For your comfort during the initial period after you're fit with hearing aids, we will typically reduce the amount of amplification you receive to 75-85% of your prescription.

We then follow our NeuroHearing™ Treatment Process over the next 6-10 weeks to gradually retrain your brain to your hearing prescription.

During your fitting appointment we will teach you how to use and take care of your hearing aids. Your audiologist will practice inserting your hearing aids in your ears, as well as daily use and care activities like changing batteries, adjusting your volume, and basic hearing aid troubleshooting.

Our audiologist will be there every step of the way to guide you through the process. Not only do we help you find the perfect device for you, we ensure the physical fit of your hearing aid is comfortable when being worn and that sounds are as clear and natural as possible.

Trial Period

We understand that hearing is believing, so to ensure that you are happy and confident with your hearing aid solution, ClearLife Hearing Care provides a 45 day trial period. This is a good chance to try out the advanced features that are in today’s hearing aids to see how they perform in your everyday life.

If needed during the trial period, we are able to try different makes and models of hearing aids to make sure we've selected the best solution for your needs.

Making Adjustments

It’s important to understand that all hearing aids require an adjustment period. That is why the hearing aid fitting is just the first step in our comprehensive process that includes multiple follow up appointments after your initial fitting, as well as annual hearing testing and bi-annual checkups.

We will work with you to make sure that you adjust to your hearing aids successfully, and that sounds are comfortable and natural sounding.

The skilled audiologists at ClearLife Hearing Care are able to troubleshoot numerous fit and sound quality issues by adjusting the programming in your hearing aids, or making physical modifications to the devices to ensure that they fit comfortably and are aesthetically pleasing.

The ClearLife Better Hearing, Better Living Follow-Up Program

Success with hearing aids is more than just a hearing aid fitting. You will benefit from our exclusive follow-up program to make sure that your hearing aids work great the day that you get them, and for years to come.                

  • Appointment #1: Getting To Know You, Hearing Evaluation
  • Appointment #2: Initial Hearing Aid Fitting
  • Appointment #3: Tweaking and Fine Tuning
  • Appointment #4: (If needed) Additional fine-tuning

Annual hearing tests and bi-annual clean and check appointments are included during your warranty period to ensure optimal ongoing functioning of your devices.

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Better Hearing Health Care

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