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When you have your hearing tested at ClearLife Hearing Care, one of our audiologists will be available to walk you through all the steps and answer any questions you might have about the process.
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An important step in hearing health is gauging your current hearing ability and whether it has degraded over time. Getting a hearing test done is your first step to not only conquering hearing loss if you have one, but also establishing a baseline for future use.

At ClearLife Hearing Care, we understand how vital hearing is to your everyday life. Not only can untreated hearing loss be frustrating to cope with, it can also lead to social anxiety, isolation and withdrawal.

When you have your hearing tested at ClearLife Hearing Care, one of our audiologists will be available to walk you through all the steps and answer any questions you might have about the process.

What To Expect At Your First Appointment

Whether we are seeing you at your home or in one of our of offices, we follow a four-step process. Your Doctor of Audiology will gain a full understanding of your situation so they are able to diagnose any hearing or ear problems and recommend the best next steps for you.

1. Case History And Background

We will work together to gain a full understanding of any changes in your hearing. Establishing a complete case history will help determine if any treatable medical conditions are present, what’s causing any hearing or ear problems, and how this issues are impacting your daily quality of life.

2. Examination Of The Ear

Your doctor will explain how your ears and brain work together to help you hear. Next, we’ll discuss how we test for hearing health, followed by an examination of the ear canal and eardrum to ensure there are no blockages or physical damage.

3. Hearing Evaluation

You will participate in several tests that will help your doctor determine what you’re hearing (or not hearing), and what is causing any hearing difficulties. The test results will determine how healthy your hearing currently is.

4. Next Steps

Your Doctor will discuss your test results in detail and review your current hearing health. If treatment options may help you hear your best, your Doctor may offer a demonstration with current hearing aid technology. If a referral to a specialist is needed rst, the audiologist will provide that recommendation.

What Happens During The Test?

We offer a variety of hearing tests at ClearLife Hearing Care. This allows us to use the right hearing test to evaluate your hearing loss and auditory symptoms. While an individual experience is unique, our hearing tests are simple and pain-free.

Some of the hearing tests we utilize include:

  • Ears are checked for wax and other blockages (otoscopy)
  • Eardrum and middle ear health are tested (tympanometry)
  • Tone testing to determine softest sounds heard
  • Speech understanding in quiet
  • Speech understanding in background noise
  • Bone conduction tone testing to check for conductive hearing loss
  • Tinnitus tone matching

After completing your test, your audiologist will walk you through the results and clearly explain what the results mean and what the recommended next steps include.

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ClearLife Hearing Care does evaluations in both a home and office setting, allowing patients to take the test in a familiar setting. Once our audiologist completes the hearing tests, they will sit down with you to discuss the results. With the background information you provided us with before your hearing test, in addition to the results of your evaluations, we’ll be able to recommend a course of treatment if necessary. Call our office today and find out what we can do for you!

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