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We have developed an industry-leading brain retraining program that results in 98% patient success with hearing loss treatment.
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The NeuroHearingTM Treatment Process

Re-Wiring Your Brain for Better Hearing

Hearing aid success rate overall in the United States has been reported to be around 60%.

That means 40% of people who invest $4-$8k on hearing aids aren’t satisfied.

How many people do you know who have said the following (maybe you’ve said it yourself):

  • I have hearing aids, but I only wear them when I “need them”
  • My hearing aids amplify everything, so if it’s noisy I can’t follow conversation
  • I don’t really have that much of a hearing problem, I just got hearing aids to satisfy my spouse
  • Hearing aids are way too expensive, and they don’t seem to work

Unfortunately, we hear these complaints all the time from clients coming to our clinic from other providers. At ClearLife Hearing Care, we believe this is unacceptable.

We believe the hearing is important to your overall health and if you have a hearing loss you deserve a treatment program that works for you seamlessly, all day, every day.

That’s why we developed the NeuroHearing™ Process

Our audiologists follow this proven process every day in our clinics, resulting in better than 98% patient satisfaction.

Why Don’t Hearing Aids Work for Many People?

And how can you avoid wasting thousands on a treatment that doesn’t work?

In addition to years of education and clinical training, we take a special interest in studying two fields, through which we developed the NeuroHearingProcess: Neuroscience and Human Behavior

What we found is that the current “Gold Standard” approach to treating hearing loss is ineffective for many people. Even worse, we found that many hearing providers don’t even follow “Gold Standard” practices, instead of operating as churn and burn salespeople, leading to even lower patient success rates.

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Through spending nearly a decade testing and treating thousands of patients hearing, we have identified the three most critical elements of success in a hearing treatment program:

1. Technology That Works With The Brain And That Is Designed For Your Lifestyle

Many patients who are researching hearing aids have a difficult time identifying what they truly need, so they opt to shop based on the lowest price, or are lured in by “too good to be true” advertising.

In turn, many people end up purchasing very basic hearing amplifiers that are inappropriate for hearing in the noisy environments they need help in most.

A reputable hearing care provider will guide you to a hearing aid solution that is most appropriate for your unique listening situation.

But good hearing aids are just the foundation of a good treatment program. Without the following, they’re worthless.

2. Devices That Are Prescribed And Fit Correctly

In many states in the USA, including Texas, verification of best fit isn’t a legal requirement for hearing aid fitting.

Many hearing providers simply use what is known as “Manufacturer First Fit”, which is an estimated prescription based on an average ear canal size and shape. Then they ask for your feedback on the sound quality to make manual adjustments.

The reality is that this fitting method is no better than going to the eye doctor, and the optometrist laying out a pile of glasses on the table with varying prescriptions and telling you to try them on and tell him which you like the best.

Hearing devices should be programmed using “in situ” or Real Ear testing. These tests measure the output of the devices in the ear canal. Without this testing, you will be wearing devices that are just a rough approximation of what you should be hearing, at best.

If you invested $4-$8k, wouldn’t you want your prescription to be better than a guess?

3. A Brain Re-Training Process (The NeuroHearing™ Brain Retraining Approach)

If you go to most any reputable audiologist, there’s a good chance you’ll receive at least a technology recommendation that’s appropriate. If you’re lucky, you’ll also find a provider that also uses in-ear verification to ensure that you’re fit to the proper prescription.

However, this critical third step is generally missing from most treatment programs.

Our team at ClearLife Hearing has found that a Brain Re-Training Process is one of the most critical elements of success with any new hearing loss treatment program.

Here is the typical experience at most audiology clinics that follow established best practices:

  • Your hearing is tested
  • Hearing aids are recommended
  • You are seen for a fitting, where real ear testing is performed
  • You are fit at your full prescription
  • You feel like you’re hearing too much, but the audiologist assures you that you’ll adapt to it over time
  • You are told to reach out if you have any problems with the devices

We have found that this is when most hearing aid failures happen.

You get home, and everything is too loud. The toilet flushing, the A/C unit, the ice maker.

This is overwhelming.

If you’re like many people, maybe you make it a day or two wearing them consistently. Then you decide you don’t need to wear them in the morning because you’re just at home with your spouse.

Over time a daily habit is never established. You’ll put them on when you “need them”.

Here’s the Problem - Consistency is Key

By integrating our knowledge of neurology, neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to lose and re-grow neural connections as needed), human behavior, habit formation, and positive psychology, we are able to help our patients experience success rates with better hearing with nearly 100% success.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had hearing loss for a number of years to some degree before seeking hearing treatment.

Your brain has gotten used to not hearing what you should be.

If you start wearing hearing aids and all of a sudden hear everything, it’s overwhelming.

When done properly, we believe hearing loss treatment should be more like physical therapy for your ears than getting a pair of glasses.

Your brain needs to gradually re-learn how to hear.

So instead of setting you to your full prescription right away, we start you off at a comfortable sound level (normally around 70% of your full prescription).

Over the course of the first 6-10 weeks, we will use special programming options inside of your devices so that they will automatically and very gradually build to your full prescription.

This is done at a slow enough pace that your brain adapts to the increased hearing ability without you ever noticing.

By doing this, we find that our patients wear their devices, on average, around 12 hours a day.

You build the habit of wearing them daily. This is the true differentiator between success and failure with hearing aids.

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How Does The NeuroHearing™ Process Work?

5 Steps to Better Hearing

  1. Industry-Leading NeuroHearing™ Evaluation
  2. NeuroHearing™ Technology
  3. Brain Retraining Process (The Secret to Your Hearing Success)
  4. Scientific Verification of Improved Hearing Ability
  5. Ongoing Relationship and Personalization of Your Hearing Needs

1. NeuroHearing™ Testing & Consultation

We will go in-depth to measure how you are hearing and determine your brain's speech processing abilities. Our industry-leading hearing test protocols will rule out any treatable medical conditions that could be causing your hearing problems, and give us a clear picture of your hearing abilities and options for treatment.

Then, with a combination of questionnaires, interview questions, and diagnostic technology, your audiologist will work with you to determine your listening concerns,

2. NeuroHearing™ Technology And Treatment Options

NeuroHearing™ Technology, the new generation of hearing loss technology, is designed to treat the cognitive impairments of hearing loss. Unlike traditional hearing aids that are manufactured to simply make things louder, today’s treatment options have been hand-selected by our team to restore clarity of speech in all listening situations, including rooms with significant background noise. There are several NeuroHearing™ Technology options available depending upon the results of the hearing evaluation.

3. Adaptation To NeuroHearing™

Technology Stimulation of the auditory system has a positive impact on the entire brain – and needs to be delivered at a conservative pace to ensure a successful treatment. The ClearLife NeuroHearing™ System method of adapting clarity and volume levels within the first few months has been shown to have the most effective treatment rate – with the highest patient satisfaction.

4. Scientific Verification Of Improved Hearing Ability

It is critical that treatment be scientifically verified and validated. 'In-Situ' or real-ear measurements provide a method to objectively assess the accuracy and stimulation levels of NeuroHearing™ Technology when placed in your ear. These measurements are considered the gold standard method for achieving a proper clarity and stimulation.

5. Ongoing Relationship And Personalization Of Hearing Needs

Your hearing needs will continue to change throughout life, and we value our ongoing relationship you. We commit to working with you for many years to come. Our comprehensive treatment programs include service, cleanings, discounted supplies, annual hearing evaluations and ongoing support. When you work with our practice, you have a partner in enhanced hearing and improved quality of life, and we will always look forward to seeing you whenever you need our help.

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