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Start hearing better today and start living the life you were meant to live.

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We can deep clean, repair, reprogram, and optimize your current devices from almost all manufacturers for a small fee.

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Explore our tinnitus treatment options and services.

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What to Expect at Your First Appointment

Whether we are seeing you at your home or in one of our offices, we follow a four-step process. Your Doctor of Audiology will gain a full understanding of your situation so they are able to diagnose any hearing or ear problems and recommend the best next steps for you.

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Case History & Background

We will work together to gain a full understanding of any changes in your hearing. Establishing a complete case history will help determine if any treatable medical conditions are present, what’s causing any hearing or ear problems, and how this issues are impacting your daily quality of life.

Examination of the Ear

Your doctor will explain how your ears and brain work together to help you hear. Next, we’ll discuss how we test for hearing health, followed by an examination of the ear canal and eardrum to ensure there are no blockages or physical damage.


You will participate in several tests that will help your doctor determine what you’re hearing (or not hearing), and what is causing any hearing difficulties. The test results will determine how healthy your hearing currently is.


Your Doctor will discuss your test results in detail and review your current hearing health. If treatment options may help you hear your best, your Doctor may offer a demonstration with current hearing aid technology. If a referral to a specialist is needed first, the audiologist will provide that recommendation.

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NeuroHearing Technology

Home of the NeuroHearing™ Treatment Program

We have developed an industry-leading brain retraining program that results in 96% patient success with hearing loss treatment.

  • Automatic, custom-tailored brain retraining program
  • Gradual adaptation to hearing technology
  • Structured follow-up program, ensuring consistent hearing technology use

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Best Technology, Best Results

We don’t cut corners with outdated or second-rate technology. We only work with the top hearing aid manufacturers in the world. At ClearLife Hearing Care we are proud to offer comprehensive hearing services including:

  • Concierge hearing care at one of our locations or yours
  • Hearing aid fitting, sales, and service
  • Hearing aid cleaning and repair
  • Comprehensive hearing testing
  • Complimentary hearing aid cleanings, battery changes, and outer ear inspections for residents of our partner senior centers
  • Tinnitus management and treatment

Our Services Hearing Aids

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Tinnitus Treatment

Whether you’re experiencing tinnitus due to loud noise exposure or something more complex like Meniere’s disease, the audiologists at ClearLife Hearing Care will help you find the best way to manage this condition. With tinnitus therapy, tinnitus management and hearing aids designed to mask those annoying sounds, as well as referrals to other trusted professionals in our local healthcare community, our hearing practice should be your first stop to getting treatment for your tinnitus!  

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