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At the heart of every hearing aid is the processor, and the all-new Starkey Neuro Processor is the industry's most advanced yet.
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Experience a revolution in hearing technology with the innovative Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids. Developed through years of rigorous research and engineering, the Genesis AI series delivers a completely redefined hearing solution. With an all-new processor, sound experience, design, fitting software, and user app, these advanced hearing aids are set to transform the hearing industry.

Key features of Genesis AI

  • Starkey Neuro Processor: Boasting the industry's most advanced processor, it includes an on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN) accelerator engine for exceptional performance
  • Neuro Sound Technology: Delivers optimized perceptual outcomes, enhancing speech understanding and reducing listening effort
  • Redesigned RIC design: Ergonomically crafted for all-day comfort and unparalleled durability
  • Extended battery life: Rechargeable batteries last up to 51 hours on a single charge, with quick charging options available
  • New FlexForm receiver cable: Guarantees a comfortable and secure fit for the wearer
  • EdgeMode+: A multi-dimensional sound processing system that enhances speech clarity and listening comfort
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Seamless compatibility with Apple iOS and Android devices for audio streaming and hands-free 2-way audio communication
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