Resound One

Resound One wearers experience a truly individualized and more natural sound with an extra microphone placed in the ear canal. By creating the One, Resound has produced a new style of hearing aid called the M&RIE, which stands for microphone and receiver in the ear.
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The most unique aspect of the Resound One hearing aid is the additional microphone placed in the ear canal. This extra microphone allows users to localize the sound better and better determine the direction from which sound is coming. This results in a listening profile that is more natural and, according to Resound, gives the best possible one-to-one hearing experience.

Resound One Features:

  • M&RIE style with additional speaker placed in ear canal for a more natural sound
  • Remote programming capabilities (telehealth)
  • Rechargeable options and styles utilizing both size 13 and size 312 batteries
  • Apple (iOS) and Android device streaming
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