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Resound Omnia is a tailored hearing solution designed to meet your distinct lifestyle and preferences.
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Introducing the Resound Omnia, the latest cutting-edge hearing aid collection from the Danish company ReSound. Building on the success of the ReSound One, the Omnia series boasts a diverse selection of models and designs, delivering exceptional hearing support in noisy settings. Enhanced directional microphones and optional M&RIE speaker technology put the Omnia family at the forefront of sound quality and performance.

Key Features of Resound Omnia

  1. Broad selection of styles: Four Receiver-In-Ear (RIE) models, two Behind-the-Ear (BTE) models, and three custom in-ear models (CIC, rechargeable ITC, and half-shell and full-shell ITE).
  2. Upgraded directional microphones: Engineered for improved hearing in noisy environments, especially in RIE and BTE models.
  3. M&RIE speaker technology: Offered for RIE models, incorporating a third microphone within the ear canal for a more natural sound reception.
  4. Bluetooth streaming and hands-free calling: Compatible with the Smart3D App, accessible for all models except the CIC.
  5. Rechargeable options: Available for the majority of models, featuring an IP68 rating for water, dust, and dirt resistance.
  6. Advanced chipset platform: Augments audio streaming and listening experiences in loud surroundings.
  7. Three technology tiers: Omnia 9, 7, and 5, presenting various performance levels and features to accommodate different budgets and auditory needs.
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