Phonak Paradise

Phonak Audeo Paradise is the hearing aid that delivers unrivaled sound quality and empowering smart apps through direct connectivity to Android and Apple smartphones.
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Phonak recently released the Phonak Paradise hearing aids, which feature the most robust connectivity options available to hearing aids users. Not only can Paradise devices connect directly to both Android and Apple (iOS) smartphones, they can also simultaneously connect to two Bluetooth devices and alternate between the two . These new hearing aids offer improvements in speech understanding in noise, noise cancellation and an overall improvement in sound quality. Paradise devices have a rechargeable option, are available in four performance levels and are fully customizable to each patient's hearing loss.

Paradise features:

  • Connectivity to smartphones, TV and more
  • A more natural sound quality
  • Personalized noise cancelling
  • Voice assistant access (by tapping device)
  • myPhonak app for controlling your hearing aids
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