Oticon OPN S

Powered by Oticon's new Velox S platform, Opn S takes the open sound experience to new levels by delivering speech understanding on par with normal hearing. These internet-connected and Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids allow users to make hands-free calls, stream music, connect to smart devices, and more.
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The latest hearing aid from Oticon gives you better speech understanding with less effort in noisy environments than previous generations of Oticon hearing aids. It does this through improved technology that gives your brain access to more of the relevant sounds around you. In addition, these OPN devices allow you to easily connect to all of your devices; iPhones, Android smartphones, tablets and more.

Oticon OPN S Features:

  • Rechargeable battery option
  • Oticon ON smartphone app that allows you to make adjustments
  • Tinnitus relief with their Tinnitus Sound Support feature
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