5 Unhealthy Habits That Can Cause Hearing Loss


Your hearing is far more interwoven with your health than you may realize. It is a complex issue that has been substantiated by numerous studies since the concept was brought in for study. Yet, health issues can be deeply affected by your hearing, and vice versa. In particular, these negative impacts can come from a variety of unhealthy habits, which we will explore throughout this article, along with potential preventative methods.

Failing To Visit Your Doctor

One of the unhealthiest habits that too many adults fall into as they age is failing to see their doctor with any sense of frequency.  As a result, they are far less likely to catch on to any form of hearing loss that they are suffering. A good doctor will not only be able to help you keep track of changes in your health, but will advise you on health habits to keep for the future.

Using Your MP3 Too Much

Most people take their music player with them wherever they go. If you are on the bus and do not feel like being disrupted, it is easy to put your ear buds in and ride. However these ear buds are usually being played much too loudly and the MP3 is being used for a much longer period of time than it should. These two factors can result in  hearing being permanently damaged.

Smoking Any Tobacco Product

Everyone has realized at some point over the last ten years that smoking is a very unhealthy habit. While it is mostly known for causing lung cancer, it is also one of the factors that can result in hearing loss. The chemicals that are released during the act of smoking can build up on certain hearing receptors and dull them to the point where you cannot hear certain sounds.

Having A Sedentary Lifestyle

Another one of the ways that you can engage in an unhealthy lifestyle choice that is damaging to your hearing is by living a sedentary lifestyle. This involves making poor food choices as well as not getting enough exercise. As a result you can develop diabetes, heart conditions, and obesity: all of which are tied to poor circulation. As a result of this decrease in circulation, you ears and brain can suffer immense damage from being starved of vital nutrients, resulting in severe and irreversible hearing loss.

Exposing Yourself To Loud Noises

Many people live a very noisy lifestyle. From having a construction job to simply living in the city, there are many ways that you can experience overwhelmingly loud noises. Having this constant aural bombardment can lead to damage of the inner and middle ear areas. This, in turn, can cause hearing damage that will require a hearing aid or other treatment over time.