I Already Have A Hearing Test

Getting a Second Opinion

Deciding on the best hearing care treatment for you is a big decision.

Our goal is to make your hearing care treatment decision SIMPLE and TRANSPARENT.

If you have already had your hearing tested elsewhere, we are happy to provide a free second opinion consultation.

Give our office a call and we will provide you the following (bring your test to the appointment):

  • Free insurance benefit verification – see if and exactly how much insurance will cover
  • Free 1 on 1 consultation with a Doctor of Audiology
  • Free technology demonstration – receive a real-world demonstration of recommended technology at no risk and with no pressure
  • Free quote – see exactly how much your recommended NeuroHearing™ Treatment Program and hearing technology will cost

At ClearLife, we believe Hearing Care is Healthcare™.

That’s why your second opinion will be provided in a low-pressure environment by a licensed Doctor of Audiology with no gimmicks.

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