Custom Earmolds and Earplugs

Custom Hearing Protection and Earpieces

We are able to perform custom impressions of your ear and order specialized earpieces for almost any application. Custom hearing protection is often used by musicians, hunters, those who work in noisy environments, and individuals who have trouble sleeping because of a snoring spouse. Custom earmolds may include monitors for musicians, high-fidelity music earpieces, or communication devices for police or military.

Listed below are a few of the most common custom earpieces we produce at ClearLife Hearing Care. Let us know if we can help you with your hearing protection and custom earpiece needs. We can see you at our Allen or Lewisville office!

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We will discuss your specific situation and review available hearing protection options. If you order your hearing protection through us, custom ear impressions are included at no extra cost ($100 value)!

Typical turnaround time for custom hearing protection is approximately 10 business days (rush production and shipping available)


Electronic Shooting Plugs


Designed for hunters and shooters who like to be able to hear their surroundings as well as hearing protection. Custom electronic hearing protection or “electronic ears” include wind noise reduction and prevent feedback while providing the most comfortable and high-tech advanced hearing protection on the market today.

  • Provide superior wind noise reduction and ability to hear game, and protection when you need it most. Never get caught without your earplugs in again!
  • Compact and easy to use throughout the day, unlike hot and bulky earmuffs.

Hunting Molds


Available in solid and vented styles, these molds will protect your ears while shooting. Full shell molds with custom filters have a 21 dB NRR, and allow communication while protecting the ear from shotguns and smaller caliber guns, as well as occupational noise. For larger caliber guns and other very loud noise sources, a solid full shell custom ear plug with an NRR of 28 dB is the best solution to protect hearing. Both are comfortable for all-day wear and can come in a corded option so they can be hung around the neck when not in use.

SoundGear ITE Plugs

Modular hearing protection that doesn’t need custom impressions, the in-the-ear (ITE) plugs provide excellent protection when you shoot, and allow you to hear everything when you don’t. By amplifying sound, you are able to hear your hunting partners and game perfectly. As soon as a shot goes off the devices instantly become hearing protection. This is as close as it gets to not wearing hearing protection at all, yet still protecting your hearing!

Musician Earplugs

musician earplugs

Available in a variety of noise reduction ratings, the custom-molded earpieces are perfect for musicians and fans of live music who want to protect their hearing while maintaining a high level of fidelity and clarity. These plugs will reduce harmful noise levels while keeping music clear and crisp. Perfect for musicians who wish to protect hearing, as well as music lovers who want to prevent damaging noise levels at concerts. Several filter strengths are available depending on your need, which is determined during a consultation with your audiologist.  9, 15, and 25 dB NRR are available..

Sleep Plugs


Snoring spouse? Annoying neighbor dogs? Planes flying over your house? There are a lot of sounds that can keep us up at night, and custom sleep plugs are the answer to all of them.

These plugs are soft and comfortable enough to wear all night, and will block out ambient noise to help you go to sleep in peace and quiet. Available in completely in the canal style, with a pull wire for easy insertion and removal.

Musicians Monitors

These custom-made, dual-driver monitors provide high-fidelity sound at a comfortable level. They are perfect for performing in front of thousands, or sitting at home listening to your favorite music. Experience music as it was meant to be heard.

Motorcycle Custom Earplugs

motorcycle ear plugs

These hollowed out custom earplugs are perfect to wear when riding or racing. They fit inside of your ear canals, are comfortable while wearing an over-the-ears helmet, and will block out bothersome wind and motor noise while still allowing you to hear communication or music.

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