Dr. Cliff AuD Network

Our Audiologists at ClearLife Hearing Care are proud to be part of the Dr. Cliff Approved Provider Network. Dr. Cliff is a champion of Best Practice audiology, and has hand-picked audiologists from across the country who meet the highest standards of hearing care.
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About The Dr. Cliff AuD Network

At ClearLife Hearing Care, we take hearing treatment very seriously.

We invest in the most state-of-the-art equipment and training to provide "Gold Standard" care. That's how we consistently achieve hearing treatment success rates considerably above industry average.

More Than Just Hearing Aids

Treating hearing loss is complex.

And fitting and programming hearing aids is nuanced, and requires high degrees of skill and knowledge to be done effectively.

Dr. Cliff, AuD, and his popular YouTube Channel,  are spreading the word about best practices in the hearing care industry.

In fact, Dr. Cliff became such an internet phenomenon, he had prospective patients from across the country arranging travel to his Arizona clinic.

This made Cliff realize that consumers didn't know where to turn to receive quality hearing care, and avoid wasting thousands of  dollars on ineffective hearing treatment.

An Elite Hearing Network Is Born

While Cliff is amazing at patient  education, and is also a top caliber audiologist, the  services he provides in his clinic are nothing new.

In fact, the top 5-10% of hearing providers in the country follow the same standards of care as Dr. Cliff.

For this reason, Cliff decided to recruit many of the audiologists across the United States who were providing exceptional standards of care, and come together to form a network of elite hearing care providers.

We Are Proud To Be Dr. Cliff, AuD Preferred

We've taken your hearing seriously since we opened in 2014, and we continue to invest in the most advanced facilities, technology, and training to  be the very best hearing care providers in the Allen, TX  and Lewisville, TX area.

If you are considering  treating your hearing loss, choosing a Dr. Cliff Network provider is a great place to start --  you are  guaranteed to receive the best the industry has to offer!

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