Communication Tips

Communicating with a friend or loved one with hearing loss

    •    Make sure they can see your face
    •    Get their attention before talking
    •    Avoid noisy backgrounds
    •    If you know the acoustics and background noise are poor, emphasize visual cues (hand gestures, face-to-face with eye contact)
    •    Don’t shout, but speak clearly at a slower pace
    •    Make sure you’re not covering your mouth or chewing while trying to talk
    •    Rather than repeating the same thing over and over, re-phrase
    •    Be patient
    •    Talk to the person, not around them
    •    Be respectful

Communication tips for people with hearing loss

    •    Pay attention and concentrate on the speaker
    •    Try to find a non-distracting environment to talk in
    •    Be your own advocate – let others know how to be talk to you
    •    Don’t bluff – if you didn’t hear it ask them to repeat or say that a different way
    •    Look for visual cues
    •    Minimize difficult listening situations if possible