Hearing Aids For Active Lifestyles

Elderly Couples on Bicycles

There seems to be a misconception that hearing aids and outdoor sports don’t play well together. That’s just not so! When you think about it, many sports require good communication and that’s where hearing aids are helpful if you have some hearing loss. There are hearing aids for active lifestyles with beneficial features to keep the units free from dirt and moisture. If you love the outdoors and worry that having hearing aids will “cramp your style,” read on!

Types of hearing aids

Depending upon your activities, the style of hearing aids plays a role in what works best for you. For example, invisible-in-canal hearing aids won’t interfere with hats, helmets or sweatbands and are unlikely to fall out. In-the-canal and in-the-ear hearing aids may have the features you like. Behind-the-ear hearing aids also are favored by outdoor-types because of special accessories to ward off moisture. Your audiologist can discuss the various styles of hearing aids and help you determine which will work best with your active lifestyle.

Special features

It’s distracting to have wind noise in your ears. Today’s hearing aids offer digital noise reduction, wind noise management and feedback suppression. Swimmers may want waterproof (not water resistant) hearing aids. Joggers may consider Bluetooth, which allows your units to wirelessly connect to your mobile phone, iPod or computer. Automatic volume control is helpful for players on the field because the sound automatically adjusts to your needs.


Hearing aid sweatbands are available for behind the ear units to help wick away sweat and moisture. Some units offer a special coating or water resistant covers for protection. If you’re concerned about losing your hearing aids while out in the field, there are clips to keep them attached to your clothing or special sticky tape and pads may also provide protection.

Bringing the outdoor life indoors

Once you’re ready to call it a day and head inside, it’s a good idea to take some extra care with your hearing aids. All units require daily cleaning but your active lifestyle means you’ll want to take time to make a detailed inspection for cracks or excess moisture or debris every day. A hearing aid dehumidifier is a great investment for removing dampness and keeping the delicate inner workings dry. Be sure to thoroughly brush and wipe down your units and store them properly overnight.

You don’t have to deal with missing out on conversations and communication during outdoor activities because you’re worried about wearing hearing aids. You can be active, wear hearing aids and not worry. It requires just a little extra attention to take care of your units. If you want to learn more about specific brands of hearing aids for active lifestyles, see your audiologist.