Earwax Removal – How you’re doing it wrong

People cleaning their ears is something that is ill-advised but often occurs. The problem is that people use rather dangerous methods of digging into their ear to scrape out earwax, not realizing that the ear is a self-regulating organ. Here we will take a look at three ways that people commonly remove ear wax and why they are harmful. We will also show reasons why you should only go to a professional audiologist to get your ears cleaned

Ear Candles

These are, without a doubt, the worst way to go about cleaning your ears of wax. The idea behind them is quite simple: you light the long wick in the hollow candle and stick it into your ear. The wax melts and forms a vacuum inside of the ear, and then the individual is able to pull out the offending ear wax. However, this is not the case as the vacuum is never formed. Most people simply burn themselves on this product and move along to another option.

Cotton Swabs

One of the most common ways that people go about trying to rid themselves of ear wax is by using a cotton swab. This usually ends very badly for the individual trying to be rid of ear wax. They will wet the tip and then insert it into their ear, swishing it until they feel satisfied. In the process they will push other wax up against their ear drum, and cause damage to their hearing.

Professional Hearing Care

The only way that any person should ever go about having their earwax removed is by going to an audiologist. These people will be able to inspect your ear and diagnose your problem. Typically it is overproduction of ear wax, and they will be able to give you medication to help with it. To give you a fresh start, they will use special tools to go into your ear and remove the wax, without causing your eardrums any harm. These professionals are absolutely crucial to having a successful outcome for ear wax removal.

A Helpful Idea: Ear Drops

While they are not the best way to go about cleaning your ears of wax, ear drops are somewhat useful and less harmful than the other methods. You insert the liquid into your ears and then let it sit while you wait with your head tilted. Once you have finished waiting, you simply tilt you hear back over and allow your ear to drain. This can remove moderate amounts of ear wax from your head, but will not provide full relief in most cases.