3 Tips to Pick the Right Hearing Aids

Couple Picking Hearing Aids

When it comes to picking a hearing aid, it’s crucial to find the right style and features for your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget needs. Luckily, your audiologist will walk you through all your options and help point you in the right direction for different models to consider.

Once you’ve narrowed down some of your options, how do you know if you’re selecting the right hearing aids for your particular needs? Consider the following three tips when it’s time to pick your hearing aids.

1. Consider style and aesthetics

Hearing aids are something you’re going to wear every day, so it’s important that they’re not only comfortable, but also that you like the way they look. Once your audiologist shows you which styles and models are conducive with your hearing loss needs, you’ll want to think about what color you want and if you prefer a smaller device or a larger one. Do you want your hearing aid to be skin-tone and blend with your hair or ears, or do you want something a little bolder that stands out? Additionally, while you may want a smaller device because you prefer the discreetness, you need to consider if you’ll be able to handle, care for and maintain such a small hearing aid. If not, it might be better to select a slightly larger hearing aid.

2. Learn about hearing aid features

When it comes to hearing devices, there is a multitude of features you can select. One of the most popular features is Bluetooth, which enables your hearing aid to connect wirelessly and seamlessly to other Bluetooth devices. This may include cell phones, speakers and other assistive listening technology. Directional microphones are also a well-known feature, which allows your hearing aid to zone in on the sounds you want to hear, while weeding out the rest.

3. Hobbies and work life

Do you spend a lot of time in different sound environments? Perhaps you work around heavy noise, but spend most of your free time in a quiet space. If this is the case you may want to select a hearing aid with multiple settings so that your hearing aid can “remember” what settings you hear best in. Additionally, if you’re someone who works out a lot or spends time around the pool, it might be worth considering a waterproof hearing aid to keep up with your activities.

Talk with your audiologist

The most important part about making sure you select the right hearing aid is to communicate openly with your audiologist about what is important to you. Whether you’re looking for more advanced features or more privacy, your audiologist will work with you to get you the best hearing aid for your needs.